Stainless Steel Cabinets

Some stainless steel cabinets have been recently donated to us.

They are painted green or yellow. They were used to house an irrigation control unit. It has doors on both sides but no keys.

29 cm deep 35.5 cm wide 89 cm high

It’s a shame that the metal recyclers will pay close to $30 as scrap so it makes it hard to try and sell these instead of taking them to the recycler.

for more photos see the trademe listing:

Stainless steel cabinet | Trade Me Marketplace

$50 each.

CRT Monitors

Did you know the glass in an old CRT monitor contains up to 10% Lead. This metal, which is highly toxic to humans, was added to the glass to improve the optical quality and to help shield the x-rays. no wonder those tubes were so heavy! Here’s a photo of our warehouse back when we used to process a lot of CRT monitors.

Ao Tawhiti School Visit

Last Friday, we hosted our first school group visit from Ao Tawhiti School in Christchurch. They were very interested to see what happens to the e-waste that we receive.


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We are one of New Zealands oldest computer and electronics recyclers. The services we provide include:

  • Resource recovery from e-waste
  • Computer repairs and upgrades
  • Sales of second-hand computer systems, components and parts
  • Employment skills training; refurbishing, repairing and rebuilding computer equipment
  • Computers in the Community Project.

If you have any electronic equipment that you are no longer using please feel free to drop it off, when possible please include any accessories and set up software, if you are unsure please phone or email us and we are only to pleased to provide advice.

The ‘first life’ of modern computers is shortening, with three year replacement being the norm for many businesses. There are estimated to be tens of thousands of computers already stored in people’s homes and businesses.

We see our business is vital to New Zealand’s sustainable future. We receive no central or local government funding.

To prevent more electronic waste ending up in landfills, all materials we dispose of are done so in accordance with the Basel Convention.