Molten Media Trust is a registered charity which promotes ethical recycling of electronic equipment and computers with an ultimate goal of zero waste to landfill. At the moment, we are in the middle of shifting buildings again. We are shifting to Unit 11/21 Michelle Rd, off Parkhouse Road.

It would be awesome if you could ring us, or email what you have to drop off, so that we can organise a time for drop off to the new building if possible.

We refurbish and sell through the shop or dismantle and dispose of the component parts diverting 80-90% from landfill.

If you’re not sure about what we take, please feel free to ring or email us to find out.

For drop-offs please call or email to arrange a time.

There is also a charge, but we try to keep it low. The minimum would be $5, depending on what you have. It is to help with our overheads for recycling, as we are a non profit. If you are unsure, please feel free to call us.