Computer Repairs

We have a large range of refurbished spare parts for many common computers and laptops, power supplies, memory, motherboards, monitors. Just ask or call into the recycle shop. We sell other various electronic items, and plugs etc. Just give us a call or email, and we’ll try our best to see if we may have what you’re looking for.

We also fix laptops and desktop computers at a lower price than most places in the city.

Just want to buy online? Click here to visit our Trade Me auctions.

Hard Drive Sanitisation

With more of our information being stored electronically, the need to dispose of this data when the life of the computer is at an end has become of more of a concern.

We currently use for all disk we plan to reuse are wiped with a single pass overwrite with 10% disk verification. For businesses and individuals that require a certified destruction we currently do a 3 pass overwrite with a 100% disk verification. There is a $15 fee per hard drive for this service.


Recycling and Disposal Reports

Shareholders and other interested parties are increasingly asking that businesses operate in a environmentally sustainable way. Because of this we have started offering a detailed report on any equipment dropped off and its disposal. There is a fee for this service and this will depend on the amount dropped off and the detail of the report required.