If you are dropping off any items for recycling, we accept deliveries no later than 3:30pm on weekdays only, and there is a charge depending on what you have to drop off.


Computers and Parts

Computers generally get stripped with every component getting sorted and graded. Sought after, or newer systems and parts get refurbished for sale in our shop or used to build up systems for Community Groups or Charities.

Printers, Scanners & Photocopiers

Small Printers, Photocopiers and some scanners but not all, get shredded and sorted by another Christchurch recycler. The majority of toners we are not able to recycle, however cartridges are separately recycled. It would be appreciated if you could remove the cartridges from printers and put in a bag separate for us to recycle, and please remove toner, and dispose of, as we can not recycle this.


LCD monitors are tested and any working are put through to our shop for sale. Others are either stripped for parts and recycled.

Other Peripherals

If saleable they go in our shop, otherwise they are either stripped and sorted or sent off for shredding.


With a few exceptions such as whiteware and other large electrical items, we recycle a manner of electronic equipment from household appliances to commercial machinery to laboratory equipment. If you are unsure about the items you wish to recycle give us a call or email and we can see if we can help.